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India Startup Fest

I was given the opportunity to volunteer for the India Startup Fest by the Symbiosis Centre of Management Studies. India Startup Foundation is a non-profit organization run by Mr. JA Chowdary, a Key Architect, Indian Tech Industry Chairperson and convenor. The fest aims to help startups raise funds. Investors across the country get to review and invest in the startups. The fest was held in Bangalore and Hyderabad. we connected with a lot of startups and investors. I reached out to startups and learned a lot about their companies. One company that stood out to me was “Oxytocin” which provided products for NFT space.

Similarly, I was also given the chance to meet many Venture capitalists who gave me career advice and some insight into the industries. I got to sit in the board room and see how the startups made pitches and what questions the investors asked. Meeting other volunteers of different ages and backgrounds also made me realize what I could do more as a University student.

Overall, it was a great experience, and I learnt a lot about various industries, startups and investing and myself. 

Akkinapalli Sanjana

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